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The Apple iPhone lives

January 9, 2007

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The speculation and rumors and leaks were basically right:

Steve Jobs has announced the Apple iPhone. (Click here to discuss in the iPhone forum)

Jobs announces Apple's iPhone

  • Touch screen tech known as “multi-touch”, uses your finger, almost entire front of device is screen
  • 3.5 inch 480 x 320 widescreen, 160ppi
  • 11.6mm thick, “thinner than the Q and the BlackJack, all of them” says Jobs
  • Syncs music, movies, and more with iTunes
  • 8GB ($599USD with 2 year Cingular contract) and 4GB ($499 with 2yr) versions
  • 2 megapixel cellcam built-in
  • Top: 3.5mm headset jack, SIM tray, and a sleep-wake switch
  • Bottom: Speaker, mic input, and an iPod connector
  • Proximity sensor (knows when you bring it to your ear)
  • Ambient light sensor (dims and brightens screen as needed, saves power)
  • Accelerometer (switches automatically between landscape and portrait as you rotate iPhone)
  • Quad-band GSM+EDGE, WiFi (b/g), Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP
  • Automatically detects and switches to WiFi from EDGE when it finds a hotspot
  • Safari for Web browsing, full HTML support (Jobs cites Google Maps as an example)
  • IMAP and POP3 email
  • Jobs notes “Yahoo will offer free push-IMAP email to iPhone customers. This isn’t just IMAP, this is push-email, same as a BlackBerry.”
  • Runs OS X (this apparently drew cheers from the MacWorld attendees)
  • 5 hours battery life for calls or video, 16 hours for music playback
  • Slated for US in Q2 2007, Europe in Q4 2007, and Asia in 2008

Unlocking the iPhone with a finger swipe

Discuss here. More deets to come. More images from the keynote below.

Watching The Office on iPhone

Listening to music on iPhone

Dialing iPhone the old fashioned way

Managing photo albums on iPhone

New York Times homepage on iPhone

Google Maps on iPhone

Satellite view of the Washington Monument in Google Maps on iPhone

[Tip o’ the hat to Engadget’s keynote coverage]


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