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October 5, 2005

'See New' global cellcam contest

PC Magazine and others have picked up Nokia’s “Top photographers spearhead Nokia Nseries See New Competition” press release. The gist: You can submit up to five cellcam pics that you’ve taken using a megapixel+ camera phone to the contest. Judges include five widely known photographers who will help pick the best snaps of the lot. […]

September 27, 2005

Nokia and Motorola 2MPix cellcam music machines

Everybody’s been blogging about the Palm+Microsoft lovefest so I thought I’d cover two other new devices that might be important and more widely used in the long run. Both Motorola and Nokia announced 2 megapixel cellcams yesterday. They both support memory cards and various digital audio formats, promising to be good cellpods as well as […]

January 24, 2005

National cellcam survey results

Snapfish recently reported on the results from a cellcam user survey they conducted with individuals from across the US. Click here to read their press release including the results. I wasn’t surprised that most people find camera phones easy to use, use them around the home, and take more pictures of their kids than anyone […]

November 13, 2004

Nokia unveils new cellcams including 3230

Yahoo/Reuters reports on Nokia’s recent announcement of the Series 60 based Nokia 3230 along with the Series 40 based Nokia 6020 and the Nokia 7710 media device. The 6020 is a nice looking and highly capable handset and the 7710 breaks some new ground in high end display and video capture for mobile devices, but […]

June 30, 2004

More cellcam pics from JavaOne

Two more pictures from the first two days of the conference, courtesy of my Nokia 7610 megapixel cellcam (hover over each photo for caption): Additional pictures and reports from the conference are available from the JavaOne conference homepage.

June 1, 2004

New Nokia cellcams

The Nokia 7610 camera phone has started shipping. For more details, refer to the Forum Nokia 7610 device page. There are a number of features I would still like to see added to some upcoming smartphone cellcam device, but all in all the 7610 seems to me to be the best cellcam available today (yes, […]

May 22, 2004

Qualcomm 6-Megapixel cellcam chips

Qualcomm has thrown down the cellcam gauntlet with its announcement of 6MPix cellcam chipsets.

April 6, 2004

Sony cedes low end camera market to cellcams

It’s nice to have TheFeature and Reiter’s Camera Phone Report agree with me that cellcams are displacing dedicated digicams. What’s even nicer is the excerpt they’ve pulled from BusinessWeek: Sony Ericsson president Katsumi Ihara says that Sony has ceded the low-end camera market to mobile phones. OK, so it is a done deal. Look out […]

March 29, 2004

Global cellcam sales in 2003 has a Reuters article on “Global camera phone sales in 2003” that’s worth a look. The obvious stats are the five fold increase in sales in 2003 versus 2002 and the predicted tripling in 2004 versus 2003. More interestingly, notice how the various vendors stack up in camera phone sales. NEC and Matsushita are […]

December 23, 2003

The Great Cellcam Debate

What features would you like to see in cell phone+camera devices in 2004? Read all about it in my blog.