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Java ME Archive

Archive information on developing applications for Java Platform, Micro Edition (formerly J2ME) powered devices.

Java ME Application and Tool Repositories


Brief description

Nice OTA MIDlet site including several hundred
free Midlets
broken out into categories and separable by “device filters”
and a search interface

Nokia Software Market

Buy applications for Nokia devices sold in
Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, or the Middle East,
or the Americas

Motorola Mobile Downloads

Motorola software site run by Handango.

MicroDevNet Downloads

Formerly MicroJavaNetwork.

Java ME Emulators and SDKs



Brief description



Java Wireless Toolkit

Sun Microsystems

Develop Java ME Midlets on Solaris, Linux, and Win32

JTWI, MIDP, CLDC, and many other important Java ME technologies

From Sun Microsystems

Nokia Java development technologies


Target Nokia Java ME devices using these tools

Nokia’s Carbide.j targets Java ME technologies supported in Nokia handsets

From Nokia

Motorola developer tools


Develop Java ME applications targeted at Motorola’s
Java-enabled mobile phones

Java ME technologies implemented in Motorola handsets

From Motorola

SonyEricsson Developer Tools


SonyEricsson development tools and documentation

Java ME and related technology implemented in SonyEricsson handsets

From source

RIM BlackBerry JDE

Research in Motion

Tools for developing Java ME applications
targeted at RIM’s wireless handhelds

Java ME technology implemented in RIM BlackBerry devices

From source


Bartek Teodorczyk

Applet based Java ME device emulator


From SourceForge

MIDP 2.0

Sun Microsystems

Mobile Information Device Profile reference

MIDP 2.0 (and 1.x), CLDC 1.0

From Sun Microsystems

MIDP 1.0.3 for OS X

Michael Powers

Mac developers rejoice! Michael Powers has ported the
MIDP 1.0.3 RI to OS X.

MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0



Sun Microsystems

CLDC reference implementation for Solaris, Linux, and Windows

CLDC 1.1 (and 1.0)

From Sun Microsystems

Mobile Basic

Mobile Basic team

MIDlet providing BASIC scriptability for Java ME devices

MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0


CDC and
Foundation Profile

Sun Microsystems

Reference implemenation, uses the CVM for Linux x86

CDC 1.0

From Sun Microsystems

Sun Wireless Downloads and Tools

Sun Microsystems

Master list of Java ME emulators, SDKs, tools, and related information


From Sun Microsystems



I’ve listed all of the Java ME development related books of which I am aware below, plus a few related wireless titles thrown in at the bottom for good measure. If you are considering buying one or more of these books, be sure you read the reader reviews on each page.

Additional books may be available by clicking here to search for Java ME titles in You can also visit the kvm-interest archives for authors’ descriptions of their books and reviews from other Java ME developers.

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Discussions: Mobile & Embedded Community |Nokia Developer Boards | Keitai-L list | Siemens list

FAQs: Sun Mobility FAQs, Glossary | Wireless Telecom Glossary

Portals: Sun Mobility site | Forum Nokia | WirelessDevNet

Devices: Nokia device specs | RIM BlackBerry devices

US Carrier Developer Sites: AT&T | Sprint

802.11 Networks and WUGs: Community WiFi Cafes | Wi-Fi Hotspot List | Wi-Fi Zone Finder | | 802.11b Community Network List

Bill Day’s technical presentations (Java ME and other topics)
Spotless research VM
Zev Blut’s Basic guide to developing iAppli programs (Java for imode)
O’Reilly Network 802.11 articles
Google Mobile

Events: Event Calendar | JavaOne

News: Engadget | Wireless Week

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