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September 27, 2007

iPhone firmware updated for WiFi iTunes

Apple has finally pushed out the WiFi iTunes iPhone firmware promised by Jobs several weeks ago and Pogue a couple of hours ago. Fire up your desktop iTunes and connect your iPhone to download and install the update. And be prepared to wait, as this firmware takes several minutes to download and install. Far longer […]

January 18, 2007

Is iPhone WiFi preferable for cord cutters?

Alan A. Reiter of Camera Phone Report and Thomas Landspurg of TomSoft both left thoughtful comments on my “WiFi is more important than HSDPA for early iPhone success” blog post from last week. Tom wrote: My main point would be that the two places where you’re most likely to have WiFi coverage (the home and […]

January 12, 2007

WiFi is more important than HSDPA for early iPhone success

Reuters is reporting that Nokia’s media head, Anssi Vanjoki, has described iPhone as “quite interesting” but said in effect that the lack of 3G will cripple it in the marketplace. Nokia, or at least Mr. Vanjoki, doesn’t get it. And a lot of other people are falling prey to this too. In a perfect device […]

February 1, 2005

WiFi spells opportunity for handset makers

eWeek’s article “Three Smart (Phone) Moves” is an interesting look at some of the latest gadgets from the MS Smartphone (Motorola MPx220), Palm OS (PalmOne Treo 650), and J2ME (RIM BlackBerry 7100t) gadget camps. It’s most interesting to me because in reading the intertwined reviews of the devices, it’s obvious they’re all missing a tremendous […]

January 25, 2005

Harden your WiFi

Widespread (mis)use of 802.11 is making life easier for any air sniffer equipped black hat. Most people plug in their new wireless router, turn it on, leave everything at the defaults, and go. Bad, bad network users! Turning on SSID broadcasting, non-MAC locked, unencrypted WiFi is akin to hanging an ethernet port off your network […]

May 4, 2004

Giants WiFi Network FAQ

Following up on my earlier post about the San Francisco Giants WiFi-enabling their baseball park: The team has posted a “Giants WiFi Network FAQ” to help fans get online while at the game. In addition to helping you configure your devices to use their network, the FAQ also highlights the extended set of digital services […]

March 31, 2004

Ballpark WiFi Hotspot

Following today’s accidental baseball theme: Reuters reports that the San Francisco Giants are WiFi enabling SBC Park. Now I’ll never have a reason to leave! 🙂

May 16, 2012

Gym Hero makes tracking workouts easy with the Health Graph

In honor of our participation in Health Hack Day (@healthhackday) in Stockholm later this week (watch this space for slides and more details), I’d like to feature some European Health Graph (@healthgraphapi) partners over the next couple of weeks. This time, let’s look at how one of our newest strength training partners, Berlin-based Gym Hero […]

November 2, 2011

Fleetly delights users via Health Graph integration

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Geoff Pitfield (@gpitfield) of Fleetly (@fleetly) about his company and their new Fleetly app release which now includes support for RunKeeper users via Health Graph (@healthgraphapi) integration. Here’s an inside look at how one developer keeps their users happy and healthy with the Health Graph. Bill Day: […]

January 12, 2011

Intuit targets small business with mobile payment solution

We’ve written a lot of late about mobile payment platforms and the mobile wallet.  One thing we haven’t written as much about is merchants accepting payments via their mobile phone.  Let’s change that. Intuit recently announced a special offer whereby new merchants can receive a free credit card reader for their smartphone-based GoPayment service.  The […]