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Apple launches iPhone site

January 9, 2007

Apple has launched their official site for iPhone.

Their splash image gives you a better feel for size and layout:

iPhone size and layout

Discuss iPhone in the forums.


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  1. Softman permalink

    I saw this phone earlier today, and I have been excited. I think that it is just the beginning of a new epoch for IT. But how we can program this? Does it support Java (J2ME or possibly J2SE)? Is it just another Mac platform?

  2. It isn’t clear at this point what developer tech will or will not be present on the iPhone. There seem to be conflicting reports. At the least, Jobs mentioned Widgets, but some sources are reporting that iPhone will be a closed system that only Apple and its partners (Google and Yahoo already announced) will be able to build software for.

    I’m betting Apple will provide some sort of developer option. I’m not betting on what it will be, yet. Watch this blog and the “iPhone” discussion forum for more as it becomes available.

  3. Softman permalink

    As well as iPhone uses Mac OS X, it is supposed that solutions like
    should be able to be applied. Isn’t that?

  4. It is possible they’ll support the same development environments, but I would think it’s more likely that they’ll support a subset. I expect the iPhone to have a subset of OS X, and given the differences in the interface, one area that will definitely need some work is UI code. Not sure how that will translate into J2SE or other development technology possibilities.

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