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Early customer buzz on the iPhone

January 11, 2007

Cingular is taking email addresses from customers interested in the iPhone launch

A Cingular sales rep named Danny Orange posted to The Boy Genius Report yesterday about what he’s hearing from customers on the iPhone.

This launch will be huge. I am a cingular sales rep and all we heard all day today were customers coming in and asking questions about the iphone. Many of the customers are you average joe user, so i think apple is going for a broader demographic then just “apple users” or “ipod users”. I think the launch will be huge, but i hope cingular will embrace this device as part of its rebranding.

I’d suspected iPhone could cut a wide swath. Early customer buzz seems to agree. And Danny’s speculation that Cingular might use the iPhone launch as part of its re-branding as AT&T (argh) seems dead on.

And for existing Cingular customers under contract: According to Engadget, “Both existing and new customers will be able to purchase the iPhone”. Presumably that means one can purchase it at launch time for the 2 year contract price, assuming you’re willing to extend any existing contract out 2 more years(?). No waiting for the usual upgrade window of two months til end of contract? Please, Cingular, please!

If Cingular and Apple play things right, this could be a very interesting launch come June!

What do you think? Has Apple beaten NOK, MOT, and the others at their own game? Talk it up.


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