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Digital Reasoning Systems news from December

December 29, 2006

Click to watch a short video on Digital Reasoning System's GeoLocator™

A note on my job and passion at Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc. (DRSI):

We’ve made a couple of important announcements this month:

I’ll let the Battelle announcement speak for itself, except to say that of course we are very excited about the opportunities for our partners and customers.

As for GeoLocator, it is the first product I’ve worked on at DRSI. Put simply, it scans unstructured text (email, blogs, web sites, internal documents, you name it) to locate populated places and provide their geocoordinates. And it just works, extraordinarily well. I’m very proud of GeoLocator and am looking forward to all the possbilities we have for applying it to solve important, previously ill-addressed, problems.

To monitor the latest news on DRSI, you can perform a Yahoo news search or add a Y! News RSS feed on DRSI to your news reader of choice. Or watch this space, as I’ll have much more to say in weeks to come.


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