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Key knowledge discovery patent granted to Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc.

September 11, 2007

It’s been a long while since I posted updates on my work at Digital Reasoning Systems. That’s about to change, in a big way!

Our key patent for discovering the meaning of words solely from unstructured data was granted by the USPTO on July 24, 2007 as US Patent No. 7249117. Click here to read the full patent or reference the TinyURL as a shortcut.

Read the full press release on and check out this video tribute to the great thinkers in mathematics, science, technology and industry who made it possible for us to submit and receive US Patent No. 7249117:

As our CEO Tim Estes noted in the press release:

We believe this is a seminal moment in developing algorithms for understanding human language. The applications that will arise as a result of our patented technologies will allow machines to learn language much the way that children do and revolutionize the knowledge engineering process that is at the root of the most complicated systems.

Tim goes on to note that:

The implications for search engines, machine translation, and most knowledge-centric applications are immense. Finally, we can have broad machine understanding of what humans mean simply by reading what we say.

Meaning is inherent in the signal. Re-read that and think about the implications.

Powerful and awesome! And we’re just getting started unleashing that meaning…watch for more on my blog shortly.


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