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An iPod Christmas for me, too

December 28, 2006

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Om Malik notes in GigaOM that it appears Apple has done well again this year with Christmas iPod and iTunes gift card sales.

As for me, I “gave” myself my first iPod as an early Christmas present. Up until now I’ve happily listened to my music on my laptop, but as my air travel has picked up again and it’s a royal pain to use a laptop on short haul flights in coach, I’ve seen more and more need for a dedicated digital audio player. And thanks to security theater, an iPod is more useful than a cellpod for US domestic air travel IMO.

So what did I get? A shiny black 8GB Nano (no, it wasn’t a Shuffle) which nicely holds just about my entire music collection plus an iSkin for protection and a pair of Sony MDR-NC6 headphones for a little bit of entry-level noise canceling love.

I guess if I’m any indication, it was indeed a very iPod Christmas.

Update: iPods topped Amazon’s 2006 charts, too.


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