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April 7, 2005

What cellpods need

Carlo Longino writing in TheFeature has drawn similar conclusions about music enabled mobile phones to mine a year ago. Writing about the differences between cellpods and iPods, he notes: There’s only one real significant remaining difference between iPods and music phones, and it’s significant, but certainly not insurmountable The diff? Usability, especially the UI. I […]

December 28, 2006

An iPod Christmas for me, too

Om Malik notes in GigaOM that it appears Apple has done well again this year with Christmas iPod and iTunes gift card sales. As for me, I “gave” myself my first iPod as an early Christmas present. Up until now I’ve happily listened to my music on my laptop, but as my air travel has […]

September 27, 2005

Nokia and Motorola 2MPix cellcam music machines

Everybody’s been blogging about the Palm+Microsoft lovefest so I thought I’d cover two other new devices that might be important and more widely used in the long run. Both Motorola and Nokia announced 2 megapixel cellcams yesterday. They both support memory cards and various digital audio formats, promising to be good cellpods as well as […]

September 19, 2005

Nokia answers ROKR with Music Pack

Nokia has announced a Music Pack to further sweeten the MP3 player capabilities of compatible Pop-port enabled handsets. Visit the Music Pack homepage or read the specs and FAQ. What you get in the pack: Nokia Audio Adapter AD-15 (lets you plug in standard 3.5mm headphones) Nokia 256MB MMCmobile card MU-9 (you can up this […]

September 17, 2005

ROKR, meet Nano

Following up on my ongoing love affair with cellpods: Apple and Moto recently launched the ROKR line of cellpods with ROKR E1, the world’s first iTunes enabled cellpod. This much anticipated gadget promises basic iPod playback functionality built into an entry level but functional GSM-based, Bluetooth-enabled cellcam. On the surface this seems to be a […]

February 18, 2005

3GSM World Congress 2005

I’ve been reading the deluge of reports and press releases from the 3GSM World Congress 2005 which wrapped up yesterday in Cannes. Expanding upon last year’s limited Sun and Intel & Nokia 3GSM posts, I thought this year I’d summarize the major wireless developments via links to various 3GSM bits from around the Web. Starting […]

February 1, 2005

WiFi spells opportunity for handset makers

eWeek’s article “Three Smart (Phone) Moves” is an interesting look at some of the latest gadgets from the MS Smartphone (Motorola MPx220), Palm OS (PalmOne Treo 650), and J2ME (RIM BlackBerry 7100t) gadget camps. It’s most interesting to me because in reading the intertwined reviews of the devices, it’s obvious they’re all missing a tremendous […]

January 28, 2005

PC Magazine Nokia 6230 review

It’s a bit late to the game given that Nokia 6230 has been reviewed various places since the first half of 2004, but PC Magazine’s posted their own short review. The review is in their typical US- and PC-centric fashion. Worth a read however if you’re looking for a cellpod or a first rate EDGE […]

January 24, 2005

The music industry's online future

On the news from Midem front: Reuters reports that the music industry finally seems to get it. Rather than continue the long slow self flagellating fight against the inevitable, music execs are embracing online sales and hope to see an expansion of them from 1% of 2004 revenues to 25% by 2009. Cellpods for everyone!

January 24, 2005

Mobile phone meets media center

Biz Week’s Olag Kharif has definitely drunk the mobile Kool-Aid. Power to him and of course I agree with a lot of the things he mentions, including the importance of the ever quickening rise of the cellcam and cellpod. I think he’s a bit overly optimistic in his implied timelines for some of the higher […]