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Got my digg on

July 18, 2006

Digg it!

I’m a big digg fan. (No, not that one, this one.)

Like a moth to a flame, I’m captivated by the real-time view of what’s being dugg by the world digger community. Most of the stories that the community pops to the top (“Recently Popular” in digg speak) are worth a read, especially for tech heads like me.

I’m a big enough fan, in fact, to do something I’ve so far resisted doing with other social networking sites: I’ve added “digg this” links to the bottom of my blog entries. Fellow diggers, digg on!


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  1. Bill, good to see you blogging….

  2. J. Carey permalink

    Digg is a pretty damn impressive site. Especially for us tech-heads… like you said. I still can’t believe it got more popular than Slashdot so quickly.

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