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Flickr badge photo fun

July 20, 2006

I like to travel and take pictures in my gratuitous free time.

Sun and Nokia didn’t give me a lot of free time, but they did give me travel. So I did my best to squeeze in a camera or two and take as many pics as possible while out and about in the big beautiful world.

I’ve been meaning to blog the best of these pics for some time now, but just haven’t found, you guessed it, time to do it. Fear not, though, because today I finally allow the small but mighty Flickr badge to fulfill its promise on top of my sidebar, thus ensuring my latest and greatest pictures are available for all to see. Thank goodness for Web 2.0!

Up next on my to do list: Find the time to take more pictures. Blog about a photo now and then. I promise I’ll try, I really will.


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