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Change of venue

May 24, 2004

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I’ve been offline quite a bit in the preceding weeks dealing with some personal and professional business.

My big news: I have accepted a position as a Technical Manager for Nokia developer technical services and consultancy effective today. Watch for more from me and my team via Forum Nokia, and of course I’ll continue blogging my own personal take on all things wireless and trumpeting my wireless evangelism horn via

I want to extend my thanks to everyone I’ve worked with at Sun, Sun’s customers and partners, and the greater wireless development community for the fantastic growth of the J2ME Platform over the last five years. I’m very happy to have had a chance to get to know such wonderful people and I look forward to continuing these relationships in my new role at Nokia.

If you’ll be attending JavaOne this June, please consider stopping by my “J2ME Platform at Five: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’ll Be at Ten” BOF and “Tips and Techniques for Advanced Java Technology Wireless Programming” session (click the BOF or session link a second time if the JavaOne session page doesn’t load correctly the first time; I believe there may be a cookie/session issue in the site catalog that causes problems if you aren’t already logged into the site). I’d love to hear your thoughts on Nokia, J2ME, and wireless development in general, either now online via the Comments link or in person at JavaOne.


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  1. Congratulations! I work with Forum Nokia as a consultant. Maybe our paths will cross in the near future!

  2. Mark Balbes permalink

    Bill – Congratulations on your new position. The J2ME Archive has been an invaluable resources and I appreciate all the effort you’ve made to maintain it.

  3. Here’s the link to my announcement for reference:

  4. Congrats, Nokia hired the most exp and best person for the job!

    I look forward to the info you will be offering on the Nokia forum boards..

  5. A new job plus a baby — that’s a lot of change for one season…are you moving too? 🙂 Congrats!

  6. Bill,

    I’ve noticed that you have leaved Nokia and would like to have some input, ideas of what to do next.
    Let me give you a thing to think about. Imsys Technology have developed a generic microcontroller that is microprogrammable and reconfigurable in the field. As a consequence of its inherent design it happends to be suitable to execute bytecodes at native speed. If you understand what such a design can do then I think it is a good thing to discuss further. And yes, it is actually sitting in shipping products or is evaluated by companies such as Alcatel, Barco, Honeywell, Rockwell Automation and Sony.

    Best regards
    Roger Sundman
    Co-founder, Imsys Technologies

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