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JavaOne, Day 1: Of IMP and other things

June 29, 2004

Yesterday I was fairly busy delivering my Advanced Wireless Programming session and talking with people coming around the Nokia booth. More pictures from throughout the day when I get a chance to post them.

I was able to steal some time last night to attend an interesting BOF on the Information Module Profile (IMP) (spec) and IMP NG. Janne Levula, a Senior Technology Expert at Nokia (disclaimer: Yes, I work for Nokia), delivered the presentation, “Java Technology in M2M: Let the Machine Talk and Think“, in which he discussed the technology behind IMP (the short version: MIDP minus UI) and how to take advantage of it in a number of interesting applications from industrial automation to home security systems.

He had prepared a fun demo using the Nokia 12 GSM module (specs) to control a Mindstorms robot from his MIDP-enabled phone, but unfortunately there was a roaming issue (my guess is Janne’s home operator offers TCP sockets or another protocol he uses in his demo but the carrier he was roaming with here does not). So he demonstrated another example using the development tools from Forum Nokia’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) development page, the Nokia 12 IMP 1.0 Concept Simulator 1.0.

This BOF really got me started thinking about the things one can do with an embedded cell phone module and the “smarts” of J2ME/Java. The business uses of this technology are virtually endless, IMO. Of course, if I can just convince my wife that we need to trick out our home and car so that I can control them from halfway around the world then the real fun can begin! 🙂

[Update: Sun Technology Evangelist Angela Caicedo also blogged about Janne’s work and the Nokia 12 GSM module. Click here for photos of his robot and the control MIDlet running on his Nokia 6600.]


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  1. Concerning Americas requests for distributors:

    The distributor of the Nokia 12 GSM Module in the United States is Avnet Applied Computing and the first point of contact there is Bill Badger (+1.480.794.8777). You should be able to get development kits, etc. from Bill.

    If you have additional questions or issues and would like to follow-up with someone in Nokia US, please contact:
    Kimmo Savolainen, Senior Technical Account Manager, Nokia

  2. fadi permalink

    hi, can you please send me the price of the nokia 12 module and the website of an international distributor

  3. Please see the Nokia 12 GSM Module page for more information.

  4. Khurram Gulzar permalink

    Hello i am looking for the price quotation of Nokia 12 module (not the kit) can any one
    tell me where to find it and where to buy it from.
    please reply me on

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