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Advanced Java Technology Wireless Programming

June 28, 2004

Advanced Java Technology Wireless Programming

JavaOne Online has posted the slides for my “Tips and Techniques for Advanced Java Technology Wireless Programming” JavaOne technical session. Click here to access the presentation with audio and/or download a PDF of the slides.


This session breaks down some of the common techniques to design and implement Java technology-based applications for wireless devices using the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC and MIDP APIs.

The discussion begins by pointing out basic Java software programming gotchas and workarounds for both the MIDP 1.0 and MIDP2.0 platforms. It also discusses more advancd topics such as best practices in handling threads, memory management, etc. It also covers optimization and footprint reduction techniques. In addition to the general J2ME/CLDC/MIDP platform, this talk addresses very specific MIDP 2.0 programming practices covering issues, such as programming practices for untrusted applications, handling security exceptions, recommendations for handling the Auto launch functionality, working with multimedia resources, double buffering, etc. Code samples are provided wherever appropriate. The session also covers these aspects from different implementation perspectives, such as iMode/iAppli, Symbian Series 60 and UIQ-based devices, etc.

Note: This is a talk for experienced wireless Java technology programmers. Experience in J2ME technology in general and MIDP 2.0 in particular is required.

Please use the Comments link at the bottom right of this blog entry to discuss the slides, ask questions, or make suggestions on improving the presentation.

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