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Bill at JavaOne 2004

June 27, 2004


My plans for JavaOne include:

As mentioned in my blog previously, I’d like your input on the topics we’ll be discussing at our BOF. Our agenda is:

  1. How Far We’ve Come: JavaOne 1999 versus 2004
  2. The First Five Years of J2ME Adoption
  3. J2ME Technology for the Next Five Years
  4. Predictions and Pontifications
  5. Resources & Discussion

with plenty of time after a few prepared slides for interactive discussion about where J2ME came from, and more importantly, where it’s headed.

And if you’ll be attending the BOF, please bring any and all J2ME devices you can muster. We’d like to have as wide a sample as possible from the “first five years” and I’ll do my best to give everyone a sneak peak of at least one very hot upcoming J2ME device from the “next five years”, too.

Hope to see many of you in San Francisco this week and even if you can’t make it in person watch for as many onsite blog updates as I can manage.


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