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Dodge this, twttr

July 16, 2006

Dodge this, twttr! VERSUS Kiss my twttr, dodgy!

There’s lots of twttr lovin these days. Om Malik’s talking about it and others are digging it. But doesn’t dodgeball have twttr beaten before it’s even had a real chance to get its twitter on?

As I wrote in my comments to Om’s post:

I am a big fan of the power and viral nature of SMS-based services (see recent post in my blog about good old 4INFO).

That said, what’s the differentiator for twttr? Isn’t it basically dodgeball-lite? As best I can tell, it lacks the “you’re in proximity to peeps” feature of dodgeball, which IMO is killer. Granted, twttr works anywhere in the states or Canada, whereas dodgeball is currently limited to certain cities (unfortunately, not including mine). But that’s a problem that dodgeball can address, and then where’s twttr?

I must be missing the innovation on this(?).

Curious? Check them out yourself with short codes ‘DODGE’ and ‘TWTTR’. Socialize, txt nation!


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  1. hi bill…i tried looking for your email, but it doesn’t look like you publicize it on your blog…please contact me directly…i would love to run you through a new project i’ve been working on……thanks

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