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3GSM World Congress 2005

February 18, 2005

3GSM World Congress 2005

Nokia 6680

I’ve been reading the deluge of reports and press releases from the 3GSM World Congress 2005 which wrapped up yesterday in Cannes. Expanding upon last year’s limited Sun and Intel & Nokia 3GSM posts, I thought this year I’d summarize the major wireless developments via links to various 3GSM bits from around the Web.

Starting with the official site and then jumping around per my whimsy:

Please let me know what I’ve missed via the Comments link.

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One Comment
  1. toothieblue permalink

    how about some comments about the video editing application on phones?
    i particularly like the muvee editor that comes in 6630. Most people
    are like me – shoot videos but never really watch them. Don’t ask me
    why, but maybe because most videos, i mean raw videos are not very
    interesting. But the muvee editor changes all that, by editing my videos
    AUTOMATICALLY! Using very easy to use interface – just select the style and
    say go – you can edit the video that you made into a 9 second long
    video – perfectly edited with special effects – and send that to your
    friends and family. Video editing on phones equipped with cameras!! Very
    interesting indeed!

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