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Hackers take Estonia offline

October 17, 2007

Wired Magazine‘s recent article “Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe” on recent Web War-style attacks on Estonia and its Internet infrastructure begat the interesting “World War 2.0” video piece on the new Wired Science program on PBS. Check out the video below, then read the full article (click here) for more details.

The article contains an interesting sidebar titled “When Bots Attack” by John Robb on how a hypothetical botnet attack against the US might play out (John speculated earlier today that we might even see such an attack play out sooner rather than later). John’s always insightful analysis is also available on his personal blog, in his related Global Guerillas blog, and in his excellent new book, “Brave New War“. All highly recommended.

Click to read John Robb's botnet sidebar

(Disclaimer: Yes, I am writing for Wired’s blog from time to time and I know John. Nonetheless, all of the above are excellent whether I was involved with Wired and knew Mr. Robb or not.)


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