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Text BILLDAY to 41411

October 18, 2007

Bill's Reactee contact info shirt

Russ Beattie’s excellent “Personal SMS Business Cards via TextMarks” post inspired me to create my own text-able biz card.

To get my contact info (email, cell, and Web), text the keyword ‘BILLDAY‘ to TextMarks at shortcode 41411. This service only works in the US at this point, but I’ll update my blog for other shortcodes if/when TextMark supports international marks.

As Russ notes in his post, there are a number of interesting viral possibilities with this service. Create your own mark and you can receive the cell number of anyone texting that mark to the service, and more importantly if the requester chooses to subscribe to your mark they’ll automatically receive any future mobile updates from you straight to their cell. Add a widget (see mine in the right gutter) and you can enable people to request info and subscribe to your mark via their Web browser. More information on using marks including commands and a simulator are available from the TextMarks Help page and if you want to dig deeper into integrating your mark into your own site and services, TextMarks even offers a developer API.

You also have the option of using TextMark’s Reactee to create a wearable teaser tee (see tshirt at right). Reactee even has an “Expose Me” Facebook application which you can use to share your mark and info with Facebook friends, too. (If you’re interested in ordering a Reactee tshirt, be sure you search for coupon codes; you can save as much as 20% depending on which ones are still valid as you read this.)

Great idea for a personal mobile business card, thanks Russ! Yet another tool to use as you build “The Brand Called You” (or a product brand, your company, a favorite cause, political position, etc.).


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