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Google launches video ad units

October 10, 2007

Google has introduced YouTube video ad units and I thought I’d try them out to see how well they target their content to my site.

Here’s my first video ad. To start with it appears that GooTube merely links to YouTube’s latest videos from the text “Watch the latest videos on”. It’ll be interesting to see how fast and how well this improves to properly target the content of my site.

Other changes I’m making while I’m at it:

  • Changed my site search to use Google AdSense for Search and moved the search block up closer to top of page
  • Simplified and Flickr feeds to one each
  • Removed WAP support, Bloglines and My Yahoo subscribe feeds/buttons from blog sidebar (nobody’s using them, so they’re gone)
  • Trying out Google Analytics to see if it adds enough beyond my current package to continue using it

Let me know what you think.


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