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Geolocation for the masses

September 11, 2007

It is no accident that we are announcing GeoLocator™ 2.0 today, on the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

11 September 2001 crystalized Digital Reasoning Systems’ vision into a mission. Because we had already been working on discerning meaning inherent in unstructured data before the attacks, we were able to deliver a functional proof of concept of GeoLocator™ to the US Army National Ground Intelligence Center within a few months afterwards.

Our solution delivered superior accuracy and a more flexible architecture at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

The same powerful technology used by intelligence professionals is now available to you.

Today we deliver GeoLocator™ 2.0 for everyone, government and commercial customers alike. GeoLocator™ 2.0 unleashes accurate, flexible, cross-platform geolocation for commercial applications. We have enabled straightforward integration into existing software systems using Java or Web Services APIs. We have also made significant further improvements in performance, administration, and analysis flexibility. And we are still far, far cheaper than our competitors.

GeoLocator™ 2.0 provides:

  • Better performance (at least a 200% improvement over previous versions)
  • Easier installation of the application and gazetteer (location database) versus competitive products
  • Ability for customers to input their own locations as well as modify existing locations in the gazetteer
  • A GUI for interactive administration and analysis as well as a command line interface for batch processing and scriptable control
  • Built-in capability to export aligned locations into Google Earth, NASA World Wind, CSV, and other XML-based formats via standard XSLT transforms
  • A variety of text markup features (see datasheet for more details)
  • Web Services and Java API interfaces enabling the integration of GeoLocator™ functions into other applications
  • Support for customer-specified metadata field tags that can be used in the location disambiguation process
  • Enhanced application status and error reporting including configurable log file support

Access the datasheet for all the details including more information on capabilities, system requirements, and contacting Digital Reasoning Systems to evaluate GeoLocator™. Click here to read the GeoLocator™ datasheet.


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