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GeoLocator 2.1 released

March 28, 2008

We released GeoLocator 2.1 and I wanted to blog a short bit about the release announcement so that readers can link to the press release for details.

The announcement notes:

GeoLocator™ 2.1 can process over 14,000 text files every hour, with each text file averaging around seven kilobytes each. That is the equivalent of reading War and Peace, which is almost 1500 pages long, 33 times in an hour. In fact, if you were to print all of those text files on standard, letter-size paper and set them side-by-side you could cover almost 35 acres.

Reading “War and Peace“, including extracting all of the locations in it and aligning them to geocoordinates, in less than 2 minutes. That’s fast!

Learn more from the GeoLocator page here.

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