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Mobile 3D Graphics articles from IBM

October 21, 2005

Related to some of my previous presentations which included sections on Java ME’s Mobile 3D Graphics (M3G) and Java SE’s Java 3D API:

IBM devWorks is publishing a series of articles by Claus Höfele on “3D graphics for Java mobile devices“. Part 1 is on M3G‘s immediate mode (you provide instructions to the graphics engine and they are carried out and the results rendered immediately). If you’re interested in a standard API for fast 3D graphics on a wide range of mobile phones and handhelds, check out Claus’ article.

Expect a future installment on M3G’s retained mode (enables you to use scene graphs to build up content, carry out transformations, etc. before rendering at a later time).

Figure from the article illustrating first example cube in M3G's coordinate system with clipping planes


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