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Everything about my Nokia 7610

July 11, 2004

Nokia 7610

I recently purchased a Nokia 7610 and went through the process of moving all my most important mobile bits over from my old smartphone to it. Inspired by Russ’ “What’s on my Nokia 6600” blog entry, I thought I’d compile and publish an entry on all the software I’m using on my 7610 in addition to other useful information such as user guides, development info, etc. So here goes…

During the “Should I buy a 7610?” investigation phase, you’re going to want to read up on the device and its capabilities. The best resources I’ve found for this are:

Once you’ve decided to buy a 7610 and have it in hand, you’ll probably want to transfer your contacts, calendar appointments, notes, and other data from your previous handset. For me, this meant copying everything off of my Nokia 3650. Because both devices came from Nokia I could use Nokia’s PC connectivity software, PC Suite, to do most of the transferring. The other thing which made my life much easier was the support for Bluetooth file transfers in both phones. If you have devices from different manufacturers, check their documentation for methods of transfering data to/from the handsets.

The steps I went through to transfer my data from the 3650 to the 7610 and get the 7610 set up included:

  1. Synchronizing my 3650 with my PIM software on my laptop via PC Suite for 3650 (supported PIMs include Outlook, Schedule+, Notes, and Lotus Organizer, plus you can import Palm data into the 3650, then export via another PIM if needed)
  2. Copying all of the contact, calendar, and related information from my PIM to the 7610 by synching again, this time with the 7610 version of PC Suite
  3. Transfering images and videos from my 3650 to my laptop, then into the 7610 (again, using PC Suite)
  4. Copying notes from 3650 to 7610 via a Bluetooth connection between the two devices (there are other ways of doing this but I only had a few notes and so this was just easier)
  5. Using either the downloadable Settings Wizard (SIS file) or the online settings tool (click your region for settings: EMEA, the Americas, or Asia Pacific) to configure WAP/GPRS, MMS, and other settings (I used the online tool which sends selected settings via messages to your phone)
  6. Copying XHTML and WAP bookmarks from old phone to new
  7. Configuring other system settings on the new 7610 (use the EasyGuide if you have any questions)
  8. Backing up the 7610 using the Nokia Content Copier included as a part of PC Suite

Note that I had the use of two SIMs, one in each phone, simultaneously. This let me have both handsets running at the same time, enabling things like the Bluetooth connection to transfer my notes. It’s definitely a good idea to have at least two SIMs handy when you’re dealing with multiple GSM phones, especially if the phones don’t contain an “offline” (aka “flight” or “hospital”) mode.

Helsinki harbor at midsummer

After the above steps I had my 7610 up and running including all of my phone numbers and addresses, calendar items, etc. It was also configured to access the Net for Web and WAP browsing, download Java and Symbian native apps, etc. Time to check out the built-in apps, which for me boiled down to one main point of interest: The cellcam features.

The 7610 is Nokia’s first megapixel cellcam (photos are 1152 x 864 pixels). Though it doesn’t have a built-in flash, at least an add-on flash is available. Even without the flash module, though, the built-in night mode allows the 7610 to take fairly good low light photos. Example: Look at the quarter scale harbor image I took late at night near midsummer. The colors and quality of the full size image (click the quarter scale one to load full resolution) are good enough for a reasonably sized print (say, 4 x 6 inches). For more sample pictures, refer to my JavaOne 2004 photos.

Even better for us imaging nuts, the 7610 significantly ups the ante to allow you to take much longer 3GP format videos, up to 10 minutes per video at the maximum resolution (176 x 144). It’s H.263 encoded low bitrate video that’s not going to replace my dedicated camcorder just yet, but once you’ve used the recorder to capture impromptu video magic a few times you really begin to see how far mobile video can go. Vidcams instead of cellcams, anyone? BTW, RealPlayer is included as the default video and audio player (supports 3GP, MP3, AAC, and several other formats).

Once you’ve tried out the built-in capabilities and gotten comfortable with the cellcam features, the next natural thing to do with this emminently portable mobile computer is to load it up with software. Picking a list of favorite apps is always going to be a personal thing, so YMMV, but the software that I consider “must have” includes:

  • Nokia One Exec Connect (available as part of the Nokia One Business Server package), a J2ME-based email client which allows me to access my corporate email anywhere I have a GPRS or GSM circuit switched data connection, plus even when I’m not connected, I can still compose messages to send the next time I’m online
  • Nokia Wireless Presenter (available for 39 euros from the Nokia Software Market), a Series 60/Symbian app which allows me to control Powerpoint presentations on my laptop via Bluetooth (very handy for someone who speaks at conference as much as I do, in fact I used this at JavaOne in my “J2ME at Five” BOF)
  • First Aid Guide (free from, thankfully I haven’t had to use this yet but it’s nice to have a guide handy in case you get caught up in the moment and forget something (btw, if you’re not CPR and first aid certified, why not get prepared?)

Nokia One Exec Connect First Aid Guide

Russ reviewed a number of other apps which I use, too. I’ve provided brief comments and a few screenshots on them below, but you can also access Russ’ more detailed reviews and screenshots for all of them from his post:

PuTTY SkyForce SkyForce

Other places you can search for applications:

Got suggestions for software I should have listed? Please post via the Comments section of this entry. Questions about the 7610? Visit Nokia’s 7610 Phone Support page for consumer device questions and/or Forum Nokia for developer questions.

PS I bought the silver and white model, not the black and red one. 🙂

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  1. unless you are left-handed, you won’t be able to play SkyForce on this phone…there’s no way to move and fire at the same time with this keypad!

  2. I’m right handed and able to play SkyForce on my 7610 without any trouble: I move with the directional pad and fire with the 4, 5, or 6 key.

  3. Erik Weitzman permalink

    Dear Bill: I just got the Lifeblog beta. Not lucky enough to have a 7610 yet….is there any chance the sis file will work on my 3650? If not, guess I’ll just have to use the PC software and wait…
    Thanks! Erik

  4. The official take on compatibility as of now is “Nokia Lifeblog is currently compatible with Nokia 7610 phone”.

    I haven’t tried Lifeblog with any other handsets so I cannot say if it would work on the 3650 or not. One thing I can say is that the 3650 uses an older version of Symbian OS than the 7610, so it is certainly possible that it might not work.

    In any case, if you do give it a try on your 3650, please consider posting your results here.

  5. Danie permalink

    Marvelous!!!!!Its a damn good set….Its far better than my 6600….M happy….

  6. joshuayong permalink

    Hello, i’m really impressed by your comments on the changeover.. detail and precise. You mentioned Slovoed dictionary can be installed in 7610, I installed but when try to open, it kept on prompting me ” Please reinstall ”. I have even copied via Window explorer the whole database to my memory card but there is no link between the installed software and the database.

    Can you please please assist as i have been searching in the net but to no avail..

    Thanks again !

  7. I installed SlovoEd including the Arsenal English-French dictionary via the link on the following page:

    Once you have downloaded the SlovoEd ZIP archive, extract the application SIS file, then use PC Suite’s Nokia Application Installer to select and install the SIS on your 7610. (Requires successful configuration of PC Suite so that it can communicate with your 7610 via the provided USB cable or Bluetooth.)

  8. Jerrod permalink

    I currently have a Nokia 3650. I have been waiting for the 7610 for months. When will it be released to in the United States.

  9. eduardo permalink

    I got my Nokia 7610 imported from Hong Kong by a local store in L.A. but it work perfectly with T-Mobile service. I want to use it to allow my laptop to access the internet when I’m far from a hotspot. It seems I will have to use the N7610 as modem and “dial-in” to an ISP. Anyone know if there’s an easier way? Like connecting directly to Internet via GPRS Access Point?

  10. eduardo permalink

    Actually I figured it out, thanks to people on Google Groups. In XP, make sure PCSuite is fully installed. Make sure Device Manger shows “Nokia Modem”. Create a dial-up setting and use *99# as the phone number. Enter some bogus username and password. Attach the N7610 to the Laptop using DKU-2 cable. Dial-up to the internet!

  11. Ryan permalink

    Hi. I have owned a TMobile Sidekick ever since December 03, and have been pretty much ploeased with it. But this phone really made me want to get out there and get it. Do you know of a place where it is available? A net site? And will it work in Ohio? Because T-mobile here has almost nothing to say about this phone.

  12. Simon permalink

    Im looking into the Nokia One Business Server you mentioned. From what I gather there is no client software required at the device end, it all runs through your WAP or xHTML browser. However, there must be some kind of configuration involved on the device. Any info would be useful as Nokia appear useless, you think they’d be pushing it given how well Blackberry are doing!!!

  13. Concerning Nokia One Business Server clients:

    Yes, you can use a browser based interface to access email, calendar, and related information. Plus, there is a J2ME based client (the Nokia One Exec Connect application which I mentioned in my blog posting above) which you can download from the browser. The advantage I like best about Exec Connect is that I can compose new messages while offline, whereas WAP/XHTML browsing obviously requires GPRS or some other data connection be available to do anything.

  14. Steve Barber permalink

    Q: Do you know of any way to suppress the “Welcome” tone that you get when you switch the 7610 on? A friend of mine has one and has asked me and I’m stumped! Great site BTW.

  15. RE welcome tone suppression, sorry, I’m still looking for that, too. At least it’s a snappy tune… 🙂

  16. Scott Karlins permalink

    Where is the best place to purchase a 7610 for use in the USA under T-Mobile?


  17. Dheeraj Kumar permalink

    Hey, you work for Nokia. Why not ask them why they left out LIFEBLOG from the 7610s sold in India? What makes them think I don’t need it?

  18. Concerning Lifeblog availability:

    Operators in different markets have leeway to select software that will be preinstalled on handsets they sell. I’m not sure if that’s the case with your operator in India, but whatever the situation is, you can download and install Lifeblog yourself to your phone from the link in my blog post (

  19. Agung permalink

    what are SMS programs that work on PC Windows XP compatible with 7610, because I sit in front of my notebook all day. Thanks

  20. FYI, Amazon now sells the 7610 for Cingular service in the US. Click here for more info or to order.

  21. karan permalink

    can anyone tell me any site where i can get FREE softwares for my nokia 7610 ? it`ll be great if neone can help ….thx

  22. Anindya permalink

    I have purchased a Nokia 7610 and installed PC suite on my PC running on XP. Whenever I tried to install softwares using installer it shows that the installer is alreading running on the mobile . Please help. Nokia support doesnt reply.

  23. Jan permalink


    Wondering about point 6 “Copying XHTML and WAP bookmarks from old phone to new”. Have just bought a 6630 and wants to copy them from my old 3650, but can’t find out how..! 😉

  24. Jace permalink

    Dear Bill…I tried to connect the USB cable with my Nokia 7610 and the computer. My comp was able to detect the hardware, but not the driver. The package did not include any disc for driver installation. So, what can I do?

  25. Emz permalink

    Ditto karan. I’m looking for free apps 4 my 7610 preferably some kind of image editing app i.e studio? Is there one 4 this phone? Thanx

  26. glendon permalink


    Nice write up…I got this phone b4 christmas & had some great fun over new years taking many drunken photos …

    I have just connected it up & synced with outlook etc…cleaned all my images off & have been very impressed..

    But…how to I pull my messages off so I can browse & read them (have managed to back up) ??


  27. abdulwakeel permalink

    hi, i have a nokia 7610,i need an english into english dictionary for my mobile how can i get this please tell me,thanking you dr.wakeel

  28. I really love what you write. One of the main reasons I was so sure about getting my 7610! Still got it and very happy with it to this very day!

  29. Sean permalink

    I have attached my N7610 to my XP computer using a DKU-2 cable, dialled *99# and tried with no password and with a bogus user/password. Both times I get ‘Registering your copmuter on the network’ then error ‘734: PPP link control protocol was terminated.’

  30. Jan, I’m sure there’s a way to copy the WAP bookmarks over automagically…unfortunately, however, I didn’t know how to automate that and had to move them quickly, so I did it by hand.

    Anyone else know how to automate this?

  31. Jace, you should have had a Nokia CD in your 7610 box when you purchased your phone. Please use that CD to install the software you need for your USB sync connection.

  32. RE free software for 7610, I’ve linked to several apps I use and recommend. For other things, I would recommend a trusty old Google search.

  33. Ari permalink

    I came to your site on googling the 7610 (and pencil key)

    Recently purchased the 7610 and it is an embarassment from a company
    that was once “(a) ikon” in the industry

    Jorma should be ashamed that he has allowed such complexity to take
    root in the consumer division and it is clear that engineering is driving
    product development

    While the 7610 has a provocative form real design comes from the inside
    > out

    Sadly this is not an isolated incident

    I have been with nokia since the 2110 and having worked with a carrier
    for 10 years have had nearly every phone since

    Mail is a plod
    (Nokia: pickup a blackberry)

    There is absolutely no sense to the inbox no date order to the list and
    acccess takes forever

    Nokia once produced elegance
    That was when the UI was “b&w and text” and everything was just

    Now we have Symbian 65,000 colors the kitchen sink no clarity and even
    less vision
    Google guys play on the 21″ diagonal and show more restraint than Nokia
    on the 1″

    The 8910 was the best phone ever in striking perfect balance between
    form and function

    This btw has nothing 2do with the “evolution of data” and cellular

    Its more about the focus on technology rather than the user experience
    Everything on the 7610 is just too complex to configure and/ too much
    sweat to use

    No surprizes that cellular is still just about “talking and texting”
    Nokia was about “connecting people” > now seems all about “connecting

    Simplicity is key 2mass adoption
    And yes seamless data is possible

    @bout 2switch

  34. bart permalink

    hi can annyone tell me where i can get a free games and softwares for
    nokia 7610 or if anyone have some pls send me on my e-mail:, thanks in advance

  35. Roshan permalink

    Hello, 7610 is best product in nokia. but it dosnt work stero hands free set.

  36. Bilal permalink

    I have a nokia 7610. i connect to nokia pc suite through bluetooth. what i would like to do is synchronise my phone without having to do it from my computer. so i can do it remotely. do u have the settings for the remote synchronisation through bluetooth?

  37. Mustanir permalink

    Hi, I take it you’re the expert on 7610’s around here. So, I’m hoping you can help me out. I keep getting a NCNLIST APP CLOSED, and MAIN APP CLOSED message. And the phone fails to ring when ever I recieve a text message. The phone rings fine on phone calls, and videos play with Sound. Please help me if you can, I would appreciate your help.

  38. Mustanir et al,

    I no longer work for Nokia. Please contact your carrier and/or Nokia customer service for 7610 support issues.

  39. David permalink

    the write up was awesome. just checked it out and i am quite tempted to go in for the phone, though i know that its been quite a long time since the phone was released..

    thanks for the heads up and the links mate..


  40. Abdul Malik permalink

    Recently bought 7610,this phone has dissapointed me on many things,like its not user friendly at all…folder heirarchy
    is numbers in sim and phone memory dont appear together(how silly) doesnt look like u can use GPRS to connect to internet and use it on your PC,internet connection has turned out to be the biggest dissappointment,signal reception is worse than 2600…not sure whether it supports timed profiles…i cant find how to set the auto lock without using lock code..overall as nokia advertises it 7610 is an “Imaging phone” good for taking photos and videos.

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