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Portability, smortability

May 27, 2004

As Engadget reports in “Number portability for all!”, US telecom rules now require all carriers to support consumers in moving their number from their current cell service to new service with a different operator.

Well, at least in theory, but everyone I know who’s tried has cried themselves to sleep at night after pulling out all of their hair. Is it just me, or is LNP a broken promise so far?

(Yes, I’m suffering through this problem right now as I’m trying to keep my current mobile number while switching to new Nokia corporate mobile service. How could you tell? 🙂

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  1. Darcy permalink

    I moved from AT&T (after two of the worst customer experiences ever) to T-Mobile and the change took effect immediately. For me, LNP worked flawlessly. I was up on T-Mobile in 24 hrs.

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