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Amazon Appstore launches, encourages QR code links

March 25, 2011

Amazon has launched their Android application store (aka “Amazon Appstore”) in the US.

Amazon promises to “make it easy to find, discover and buy Android apps”.  This is a not-so-slight jab at Google’s Android Market, known for being, shall we say, less than optimal in surfacing the best and most interesting apps.  Amazon’s announcement notes:

We are offering a few unique features such as recommendations based on customers’ browse and purchase history.  This is one of the automated marketing features we discussed previously.   Automated marketing includes placements in search results, browse based results, bestsellers, and more.

Amazon also mentions their Appstore Developer Portal reporting features.  The screenshot they provide (see below) shows basic albeit important information on how well your apps are selling, though it would have been great if they’d shown something with more data in it (don’t advertize you’re new with empty screenshots in the future, guys!).

Click here to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including a info on Amazon’s encouraging developers to link to their Appstore entries with QR codes and a link for more on Apple’s suing Amazon over the name of their market.

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