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O'Reilly books and PayPal donations to help the Japanese people

March 22, 2011

This post is a bit of an aside from my usual payments and programming fodder, but I think it’s worthwhile to get the message out since there are some time limits on special O’Reilly and PayPal offers that you may be interested in that benefit Japanese disaster relief.

The first offer:  Today’s O’Reilly ebook and video “Deal of the Day” is good for 50% off ebooks and videos, plus all of the proceeds (less author royalties) go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help in relief efforts.  Just shop the O’Reilly store and then use discount code “DDJPN” during the checkout process to save money while at the same time donating to help the Japanese people.

The O’Reilly site notes that they’ve hit $50,000 USD of donations as of 9AM Pacific time.  They are hoping for $200,000 USD by the end of the day.  This is a great way to pick up a book or video (or several of each!) that you’ve been wanting while helping out.

Similarly, PayPal is crediting transaction fees for donations to a number of charities providing assistance to the Japanese people as they recover from the recent disasters.  PayPal will continue crediting these fees through April 10th.  If you are in the US you can see a list of available charities by clicking here; if in Canada, you can donate to the Canadian Red Cross here.

Read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network.


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