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Web API power tools: PayPal transactions via YQL

February 22, 2011

In response to my ongoing MoSoLo series‘ posts on web API power tools including YQL, PayPal Developer Evangelist Praveen Alavilli pointed me to some recent work he’s done to support PayPal transaction search including details via YQL:

Bill – you should look at the two new yql tables that I’ve added to our github account: – they provide simple interfaces to PayPal’s Transaction Search and Details APIs. You can combine them with other APIs/Web Services like google/yahoo maps to map the zip codes or generate reports of the items being sold, etc.

These YQL interfaces currently support querying into the PayPal sandbox test environment.  Praveen has stated he would consider adding a flag for developers to use to indicate whether they want to make a sandbox or production environment call.  If that is added, I’ll post a note here.

To see these new transaction search and detail capabilities in the YQL console, load the console with “Show Community Tables” enabled (click here to load it now).  Once you’ve done that, scroll down in the “Data Tables” listing at lower right and find the “PayPal” options:

PayPal transaction bindings in YQL

From there you can select either paypal.transactions or paypal.transactions.details for a template YQL call to request information back from the PayPal X Platform on PayPal transactions or transaction details, respectively.

Click here to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including example YQL statements to query PayPal’s server.


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