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Notes from the week of 2011-02-20

February 20, 2011

PayPal X Platform

Apigee API console for Facebook

Big data

APIs and development

Personal things

  • Norton SONAR is automatically removing my git executable and there appears to be nothing I can do save turn off SONAR. Epic FAIL! #
  • Congrats again to my friends @dreasoning on their IQT strategic investment. I'm honored to assist you in your mission! #
  • I applied for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program via @oreillymedia (available products #
  • Slideshare has launched free public web meetings and they're starting with great guest speakers #
  • I received my first @OReillyMedia blogger program book today and am fired up to read & review asap #
  • I'm loving the convenience of Roku including streaming Amazon VOD and Netflix. Want to try at 10% off? #
  • Trivia tonight at a local Rotary function really took me back to high school academic team days. And yes, we won a trophy. #


  • Signed up for the Post Oak "troad" Half Marathon to keep myself honest the next couple of weeks #
  • Ran 5.11 miles in 52 mins and felt good. Warm weather after the snow. First run in shorts in a long time! #
  • Ran 3.69 miles in 42 mins and felt great. Split paces 7:40, 7:19, 7:59, 8:03, 7:57, 9:31, 8:29, 8:58, 8:46, and 8:12. #
  • Ran 3.01 miles in 39 mins and felt great. Easy stop-n-go run with my children. Garmin off for part of the run so dis… #
  • Ran 2.74 miles in 24 mins and felt good. Short pace run on a warm afternoon. #

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