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Dvorak advises Apple to dump iPhone

March 28, 2007

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John C. Dvorak disagrees with me on the potential of iPhone.

Dvorak makes a good point about the pace of innovation in the mobile industry which Apple would be very wise to note:

These phones go in an out of style so fast that unless Apple has half a dozen variants in the pipeline, its phone, even if immediately successful, will be passé within 3 months.

Surely someone in Cupertino must be saying “iWhat? Doesn’t he think we thought of that?”. At least, I hope they are.

Dvorak continues:

What Apple risks here is its reputation as a hot company that can do no wrong.

That is exactly right. iPhone is a big bet. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad bet.

Risk and opportunity, two sides of the same coin. If Apple’s right, the world is at their doorstep. If not, NOK may be looking better in a few months…


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  1. And Dvorak has a track-record being right about anything (and especially anything about Apple) exactly how many times? Oh, that’s right ZERO. Now in 25 years of his column has he correctly predicted any outcome of the things he writes about.

  2. Thomas Tolleson permalink

    The +500 dollar pricetag seems to be a bigger problem. I’d be so afraid of losing it, or having it stolen that I’d never enjoy the damn thing.

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