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Another day, another round of Joost invites

March 1, 2007

Two more Joost invitations are up for grabs.

This time we’re taking it up a notch: The first two people to post their first name, last name, email address, and a description of the kinds of things they’d like to see more of in my blog will get an invitation. Keep the suggestions pertinent, please.

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  1. Christophe Baudert permalink


    What I liked about your previous websites/blogs were the hands on tutorials, code sniplets and tricks.
    Pick one or 2 platforms and privide this kind of material like when you were working on J2ME

    I know this is more work that just a few lines of comments on a new product comming up but this is the real value to most people that will keep em coming again and again.

    Of course, I’d like an invite to Joost!

  2. josh putnam permalink

    I’m still waiting for a joost invite, so until then anything joost related is great to read. I’d like to see some linux stuff in the open source area, but if you don’t use it, it is hard to have blog entries on it.

  3. Both of you have invitations on the way, Christophe and Josh.

    Thanks very much for your comments, too. I’m more a Cygwin user than Linux, but the points about hands-on tutorials, snippets, and tips/tricks are well taken. I have some ideas for comparing upcoming devices in-depth, and in fact have a request in to get early access to a hot new one coming soon. Fingers crossed my request will be granted and I can dive into it in the blog.

  4. Christophe permalink

    Got the invite! Thanks a lot!

  5. Juha Linnanen permalink

    How long should it take to receive the invitation? I should have gotten one from yesterday, but I still haven’t seen it. I even checked the spam folder, but nothing. Is it just taking a while or did something go wrong? My email account is at least right.

  6. Juha, I just checked the Joost beta invitations page. It does show the status of your invitation as “Sent”. The address I used was:

    Unfortunately, I have no other visibility into the invitation besides what their beta page shows above. If you can’t dig up the invitation from your spam folder, etc., I’d suggest contacting Joost, telling them I provided you with an invitation, and requesting that they re-send.

    Hope this helps!

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