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Spam, meet WordPress with Akismet

May 30, 2006

I’ve upgraded my WordPress install using DreamHost‘s fab-o upgrader. Nothing broke during the upgrade, which was a two step process: Run DreamHost’s upgrader, then run the WordPress database upgrader et voila, done!

As a part of my upgrade, I activated the Akismet comment and trackback spam killer plugin bundled with WP. So far, I love it! Akismet’s throttled back an ongoing spam attack from several messages per second to one spam in the last three hours. Talk about an improvement!

The newest WP+Akismet are highly recommended for anyone considering the upgrade.


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  1. Brandon permalink

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve got a WordPress blog at Dreamhost too but can’t find out how to upgrade (as opposed to just installing a new blog). What specifically did you do in the two-step process? Willing to share?


  2. Brandon,

    Login to your DreamHost Control Panel. Under “Goodies”, select “One-Click Installs”. If you’ve previously installed WordPress using the DreamHost installer, you should see something like “Upgrade to 2.0.3” under the Action column next to your existing WP installation.

  3. Thanks for the details Bill. Ran into a few glitches, but we’re there now.

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