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India Times blogger steals from J2ME Archive

October 5, 2005

On a recent troll through Google for all things “J2ME Archive”, I came across some blatant thievery of my site.

Why not just link to my “J2ME Archive“, blogger_guy, instead of ripping most of the interesting bits while making sure not to include the copyright statement and other clearly identifying portions of my page? I smell a crook.

I’ve emailed India Times’ blog support group to ask that they remove the copyrighted bits as follows:

To whom it may concern:

I found this page in Google:

It clearly copies my copyrighted “J2ME Archive” page:

No one ask or was given permission to copy my material and post it on your O3 blog site.

Please remove this page immediately and instead link to the original, copyrighted “J2ME Archive” at:

Thank you,
Bill Day
Founder, Day Web Development

I don’t believe anyone at India Times overseeing their blogs knew about this infringement, but I do hope to see them rectify the situation immediately. The lesson here is: Cheat, and Google’s gonna find you!

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  1. Senthil permalink

    This is really a cheating … He should have left a link t this website instead.

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