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Context specific ads and site tweaks

January 18, 2005

As promised way back in September, I’ve finally found the time for additional cleanup to my blog and the J2ME Archive.

In addition to removing the previous Participate section (my site doesn’t use the login account information for anyone besides me anyway) and renaming Formats and Info to more clearly reflect what it contains, I’ve turned on Google ads in the right gutter in my blog. I’ve done this for three reasons:

  • To help defray site hosting costs now that I’m sans employer and every little bit counts
  • To provide additional (hopefully) relevant information for visitors using my site
  • To learn more about what is, and isn’t, useful for site visitors

I’ve also added rotating Amazon links to top J2ME books in the J2ME Archive (see example below). Same rationale as above.

I’m very interested to hear your opinions on this. And if you find this site useful and want to help keep it going, please consider clicking through and buying a book or two. Thanks in advance for your support.


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