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Suggestions for a PHP-enabled ISP appreciated

October 23, 2004

Some of you may have noticed trouble off and on (mostly on) with my site for the last month or so. Apologies if it’s caused you any inconvenience. If I hadn’t been on a long vacation I probably would have jumped on things quicker, but anyway now I’m back and just did some sleuthing around tonight to get things fixed up.

The good news: My site is back up and should be running as usual. The bad news: NTT Verio stinks!

Let me explain. It turns out that:

  1. My ISP, NTT Verio, upgraded my PHP server without my knowledge in late September
  2. When they shutdown/restarted PHP as a part of the upgrade, they did it incorrectly
  3. Surprise, surprise, their mistake corrupted my MySQL tables, hosing my site!

The worst part of all of this, besides the fact that no one at NTT Verio ever even bothered to tell me they were going to do an upgrade or even that my PHP server would be down during a restart, is that when I inquired if they had done an upgrade, they told me no. This inspite of the fact that a quick check of phpinfo clearly shows otherwise!

Suffice it to say I’m not happy with NTT Verio. I’ve been thinking of abandoning them for a while. This incident has pushed me to the brink. If anyone can make a suggestion for a good PHP-enabled host, preferably with Servlet/JSP support too, that could seal the deal. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming


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  1. I’ve using Laughing Squid ( for my (very modest) PHP hosting needs for about 5 months and am happy with them so far. I haven’t been through any big upgrades yet. I haven’t yet found a JSP/servlet hosting plan that I thought was worth the price for my own use (in comparison with just using PHP). Someone once recommended me to try for JSP/servlet hosting and they seem to have pretty good reviews, but I haven’t tried them myself. Good luck!

  2. I use TextDrive Their support is fantastic, and they’ll support wordpress for you. Very cheap too.

    No Servlet / JSP though.

  3. These days I usually suggest people go with Textdrive: . If you specify when you sign up they donate part of the hosting back to WordPress too.

  4. FYI, others suggested LunarPages and Westhost as PHP hosting possibilities.

  5. Elvin permalink

    Hi, Maybe you should considering the SW Soft VPS solution to replace the Verio NTT that you
    are not happy with. Please feel free to email mail if you need any help or explaination on

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