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BAMF "J2ME at Five" slides

August 21, 2004

J2ME at Five

I’ve posted slides for my Bay Area Mobility Forum presentation “J2ME at Five: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’ll Be at Ten” . Click here to access the slides.


Java technology took the wireless world by storm when the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) was first introduced for mobile devices, starting with the KVM at the JavaOne conference in June 1999.

Much has happened in the last five years. More than 120 million MIDP 1.0 devices are in consumers hands and MIDP 2.0 devices are now shipping in volume. Many interesting wireless Java applications are in daily use. J2ME technology-based wireless games continue to draw eyeballs and twitching thumbs the world over.

This session examines the history and technical merits of J2ME technologies that have allowed it to succeed over the past five years. We should have plenty of time after the presentation for discussion and extended Q&A where we’ll examine what needs to happen (technology, business, and otherwise) for the J2ME platform to be even more successful in its next five years.

Please use the Comments link at the bottom right of this blog entry to discuss the slides, ask questions, or make suggestions on improving the presentation.


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  1. Hey Bill, I wrote up a post about your presentation, and in particular the stuff that stuck a chord with me, but for some reason the trackback doesn’t seem to have gone through. Here’s a link to the entry:

    It was a great presentation, kicked off all kinds of reading and research and experimentation on my part.

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