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Last minute tip for day 3

June 30, 2004

Mobile Geeks Rule
Stop by the Nokia booth before the JavaOne pavilion closes this evening and you can get the hottest tshirt of the show: “Mobile Geeks Rule” indeed! 🙂

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  1. Hopefully those shirts will be sold at more places than just JavaOne?

    Could Nokia put them up for sale at

  2. Nokia was actually giving these shirts away for free in its booth in exchange for a badge swipe. I’ll do my best to convince the powers that be to make these available at other events and see if there might be other channels we could use, too.

    Do you have a ThinkGeek contact with whom I might be able to breach the possibility, btw?

  3. the contact for is:

    Wilie, handles new product ideas at

  4. Yes THINKGEEK !!! definately a good idea…other possibilities include, PS: Keep up the good work Bill…

  5. Wes Biggs permalink

    Yes please! They were all out by the time I got to the Nokia booth. And goddammit, I’m geekier than most.

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