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Global cellcam sales in 2003

March 29, 2004 has a Reuters article on “Global camera phone sales in 2003” that’s worth a look.

The obvious stats are the five fold increase in sales in 2003 versus 2002 and the predicted tripling in 2004 versus 2003.

More interestingly, notice how the various vendors stack up in camera phone sales. NEC and Matsushita are far higher in the camera phone rankings than their overall mobile phone market share positions because of the larger penetration of cellcams into their home market of Japan. Meanwhile, Motorola and Siemens both languished with far fewer camera phone sales than you might expect from their overall market penetration. Some of Motorola’s problems may be because of widely reported component shortfalls and manufacturing issues, but one also has to wonder if they and Siemens have simply been slow bringing camera enabled models to market.

My prediction for 2004: Those with the best cellcams win!

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