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MIDP Migration

March 25, 2004

Migrating Wireless Applications to MIDP 2.0, WMA, and MMA

I’ve posted the slides for my “Migrating Wireless Applications to MIDP 2.0, WMA, and MMA” webcast presentation. Click here to access the slides (PDF).


This presentation provides a technical overview of recent updates to the J2ME Platform including MIDP 2.0, MMA, and WMA. Attendees will learn how to use the J2ME Wireless Toolkit and Sun Java Studio to take advantage of next generation J2ME features including MIDlet signing, testing MIDlet deployment Over The Air (OTA), MIDlets sending and receiving SMS messages, MIDlets with multimedia functionality, etc.

Please use the Comments link at the bottom right of this blog entry to discuss the presentation, ask questions, or make suggestions on improving the presentation.


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  1. asj permalink

    nice, nice, nice! i may have missed it in that great pic of all the phones, but did you have a list or collage of all the new MIDP 2 devices? one of the list i found has some great pics:

  2. I don’t have a list of my own, but I do link to device lists and pages at:

    You can also search my blog via the “Search” box in the right gutter on to find info on new MIDP 2.0 devices. Try searching for “J2ME“, “MIDP 2.0“, “handset“, etc.

    Also, I’ve been working with the editor of Sun’s Mobility site. Hopefully we will see a more frequently updated:
    soon, including an updated (and longer) list of MIDP 2.0 capable devices:

    Hope this helps and thanks for visiting,

  3. asj permalink

    don’t forget a list of devices that run Personal Profile (i’ll assume the list will grow over time beyond very high priced devices like nokia communicator 9500). hopefully, sun will not forget that developers are starting to yearn for more emphasis on PP.

  4. william screen permalink

    Bill, great job on the midp 2.0 presentation. As a java developer I really enjoyed your in-depth coverage of the new features vs. old features and the fact you showed actual code snippets.

    I’ve been working w/WTK since 1.0, and am glad to see Sun actively promoting what I feel is the ‘real’ future of Java. The major manufacuters are flooding the market with Java enabled phones; once broadband wireless takes off, more companies will start switching to Java (or adopt web services) for better integration of their existing systems…

    Speaking of web services, I think you should have covered that section with more detail; you barely mentioned RPC and then moved on…

    Coverage of Security, MMA, and WMA, was outstanding. Push Midlet was good, but Receive SMS messages (slide 55) I had to view twice. It wasn’t overly complicated at all, but I wasn’t understaning why in the send SMS example you used a telephone # and in Receive SMS you used a logical port… Also, there was no explanation on how the AM handled the receive routing. Aside from that minor complaint, I’d rate the presentation 9.4 / 10.

    Great job, and keep up the good work !

    William Screen

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