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New Camera Lens Works Like Human Eye

March 13, 2004

Philips FluidFocus lens and camera prototypes

Two of my beefs with cellcams that I haven’t yet blogged are fixed focus and lack of zoom capability. I often happen upon an interesting picture opportunity when the only camera I have with me is my Nokia 3650. I switch to the camera application, point at the subject, snap the digipic, et voila, I capture a beautiful image of…something really interesting, but very very far away and almost impossible to make out. This problem is amplified by the sub-megapixel image resolution of many cellcams available today and lack of a flash.

Luckily for all of us would be mobile photographers, Royal Philips Electronics has come up with an ingenious development to address at least the fixed focus part of the problem: A new lens that uses two fluids and electrowetting to vary focus, similar to how a human eye works.

Philips FluidFocus schematics

Read the Philips press release for more details, including a detailed explanation of the schematic above.


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