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Fitness in your blood

July 30, 2012

InsideTracker (@Inside_Tracker) is a blood marker based service that provides a Health Graph (@healthgraphapi) integrated dashboard for your body. Read on to learn how you can use the Inside Tracker service (click here to buy at a special discount) to better understand how to optimize your own health and wellness.

Bill Day: Please tell us about yourself and your work.

Gil Blander: I am the founder of Segterra, the company that created InsideTracker, the most advanced blood analysis program.

InsideTracker is an innovative, web-based platform that combines blood analysis with your demographic information and unique goals to create a roadmap to optimal wellness and performance. The program recommends simple and tangible interventions, such as changes in food, supplements, lifestyle, and exercise, to help our users achieve their goals.

BD: What is the “elevator pitch” for why someone should use InsideTracker?

GB: Our bodies are our most valued possessions. InsideTracker gives you information and tools to help you perform at your most efficient and optimal level every day.

A good analogy is taking your car in for service every 5000 miles. The technician runs the computer diagnostic and then tells you what you should do to keep your car running in the best condition possible.

Every 3-6 months, getting your blood drawn and analyzed by InsideTracker tells you the current state of your body. It’s like having a window inside yourself to see exactly how you are doing. That knowledge combined with InsideTracker’s recommendations for simple lifestyle and nutrition changes empowers you to keep your body in the best possible condition.

BD: How did you get started using the Health Graph API?

GB: Our team was looking for partners who shared our goal of giving customers control of their wellness and performance. We were really excited to have the opportunity to integrate with RunKeeper. We think that there can be important synergies between InsideTracker and other companies using the Health Graph platform.

BD: How is using the Health Graph platform benefiting your business?

GB: The Health Graph platform has an extensive community of users who want to track their fitness and performance. It’s a perfect fit for InsideTracker and for our customers.

BD: Which portions of the Health Graph API do you use, and why?

GB: Initially, we are using the Health Graph API to acquire up-to-date information from InsideTracker users via mobile apps. These apps are convenient for our customers, and the data we receive from them makes our analysis more timely.

BD: What do you like about the Health Graph? What would you like to see changed?

GB: The Health Graph platform is excellent because it integrates so many different products and applications. Our customers benefit from being able to share and track many aspects of their fitness and wellness data through Health Graph.

BD: If you could request any new feature from the Health Graph, what would it be? How would you use it?

GB: In fact, the Health Graph team has already responded to our request to extend the Health Graph API to represent measurements of the biomarkers analyzed by InsideTracker! We plan to explore future extensions to InsideTracker in which users will be able to share their analysis data using the Health Graph API.

BD: Can you share any future plans for InsideTracker? What’s coming next that your customers will be excited about? Does the Health Graph play a role in that, and if so, how?

GB: InsideTracker is planning to integrate data from wireless scales so that we can update our recommendations for nutrition and exercise daily based on a customer’s weight. The Health Graph API is essential for us to integrate these data.

BD: Is there anything else we should know about you or InsideTracker?

GB: If you are looking for a roadmap to wellness and performance, get InsideTracker. You will find out where you are, where you should be, and how to get there by making changes in lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition. We turn measurements into meaningful advice.

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