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Health Hack Day application open one more week

April 23, 2012

Health Hack Day (@healthhackday) slated for next month in Stockholm is accepting applications from teams interested in participating. Applications are due by the end of April.

I’ll be speaking on “Why We All Need an Open Health Platform” on Friday and then giving a workshop on using the Health Graph API (@healthgraphapi) on Saturday right before teams begin hacking.

Here’s the summary of what I’ll cover in the “Health Graph Hacking 101” workshop:

This workshop provides a crash course on developing using the Health Graph API and platform. We will discuss how to start using the Health Graph, provide an introduction to its OAuth based authorization model and RESTful API, and illustrate user flow through the Health Graph platform and partner applications. We will also feature third party libraries to make your Health Graph based development more efficient and examine test data creation and related tools. A preview of the material we will cover in this workshop is available from the links and presentation at:

I’m also very excited to be a part of the jury panel judging the hacks. Hope to see you and your hack there!

Health Hack Day

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