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Add the Healthy Button to your WordPress blog

March 29, 2012

We’ve received a number of questions about how to add the Healthy button to and self-hosted blogs.

To add the Healthy button to a hosted blog, you first need to select “Settings” and then “Sharing” from your blog admin panel. Next click “Add a new service” under “Available Services” and then configure it as follows:

  • For “Service name“, enter: Healthy
  • For “Sharing URL” enter:
  • For “Icon URL” enter:

Then click the “Create Share Button“. This places a representation of your new Healthy button under your “Available Services“. Drag that Healthy button to position it where you want it in “Enabled Services“; check that it appears as expected in the “Live Preview“.

Now verify that “Button style” is set to ‘icon + text‘ (assuming you want to include both) then click “Save Changes” to enable Healthy button sharing on your blog!

You can see this in action at the bottom of this blog post. Push the button and submit your comments to see this post show up in your FitnessFeed on

What if you’re running the WordPress software yourself instead of using If you self-host your own WordPress based blog, you can install this plugin from third party developer Matthew Chan. Matthew’s plugin will place the Healthy button at the top of single posts in your blog.

However you host your WordPress-powered blog, make sure it’s Healthy!

Cross-posted from the Health Graph blog.


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