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Notes from the week of 2011-09-11

September 11, 2011

RunKeeper and the Health Graph API

Wireless and mobility

APIs and development

  • Sure Twitter's dangling an olive branch to developers but do they really mean it? Actions speak loudly, Mr. Dorsey #
  • Time for an upgrade, emacs fans: "Learn Vim Progressively" (yes, I am a religious man when it comes to editors…) #
  • I love the simplicity of this email-based follow-up system #

Personal things

  • My wife just said "When you injure yourself, please call 911, ok?" to which our 16 month old responded "OK!" #
  • My 7yr old "Hey, they have a Banana Republic!". Followed shortly after by "What *is* Banana Republic?" #
  • Revisiting "Employee Equity: How Much?" via @fredwilson #
  • My favorite new way to use @bufferapp is via keyboard shortcut #
  • Potential trolls would be obvious if everyone else backed "The Patent Pledge" #
  • 45 years of Star Trek via @mashable (rock on, Gene!) #
  • "Whither TechCrunch?" by @fredwilson nicely sums up my thoughts on the TC-AOL-HuffPo shenanigans #
  • The comments are worth reading in this startup early employee post #
  • VC and investment 101: "What Are The Terms" (Part 1) #
  • Ask Hacker News: How much did you earn as an employee from an exit? #
  • I've got some *very* exciting news and I can't wait to tell the world…soon, very soon. #


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