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Summertime, and the highlights are easy

August 4, 2011

July 2011 has come and gone and I can’t say I enjoyed the 100+ degree F high temperatures in my area.

I did enjoy all the payments news and goings-on, however.  So without further ado, let’s get to some of the highlights.

PayPal published the final two articles in my six part series on Alternative Payment Systems.  Part 5 examined mobile card readers from Square and Intuit GoPayment, while Part 6 summarized the series and cross-compared all of the systems against PayPal and each other.   I discussed key takeways from the series and linked to all six of the articles in a blog post and a related bundle (click here for the post, here for the bundle).

I found it very educational to write this series.  I hope you found it equally enlightening to read.  And hopefully you reached the same conclusion I did:  While each of the alternatives has their strong points, none are as broad in their capabilities, and widely useful in their applicability, as the PayPal X Platform and PayPal solutions.

Moving on to other things, here’s a quick recap of my other DevZone writing from last month:

Other news not to miss from last month:

Click to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including links to previous month’s highlights.

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