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Notes from the week of 2011-07-10

July 10, 2011

PayPal X Platform

Big data

APIs and development

  • An interesting look at Twitter's architecture and why they are shifting more code to the JVM #

Personal things

  • We either just had a Rockets Over Rhema flyover, or it's the beginning of WWIII. Man those F16s are loud! #
  • Ten amazing Space Shuttle photos (I still find it hard to believe that the last Shuttle launch ever is this Friday!) #
  • I didn't realize one should be drinking *3-5 cups* of tea per day to get the maximum benefit (need to up my game a bit) #


  • Registered for the Bedlam Run 10k to blow the doors off some Cowboys! Boomer Sooner!!! #
  • My training last week: 2 workouts for 7.33 mi and 924 calories burned #
  • Ran 5.22 miles in 1 hour and 35 sec and felt alright. Trail + road run, plus a short cooldown walk at the end. Blaz… #

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