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Happy anniversary! Plus June in review

July 5, 2011

The beginning of July 2011 marks the one year anniversary of my contributing to the PayPal X DevZone.  Thank you for reading my writing along the way!

I hope you’ve had as much fun reading as I’ve had writing.  I’ve certainly learned a lot from you.  I really appreciate all the comments you’ve sent my way including your requests, suggestions, and feedback.  I hope you’ll continue to ping me as we go, “early and often” as they say.  Here’s to the coming year’s opportunities for all of us working together on the PayPal X Platform!

While I celebrate, perhaps you’d like to take a look back at some of the important and interesting PayPal and payments related developments from June?  (Or for anytime throughout the last year via the month-by-month links near the bottom of the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network.)

First up, PayPal published the first four parts of my article series on “Alternative Payment Systems”.  In parts one through four I compared the PayPal X Platform and PayPal technologies to offerings from Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Dwolla.  Watch for a fifth installment on Square and Intuit GoPayment to be followed by a final, sixth article summarizing and cross-comparing all of the payment systems discussed in the series.

My DevZone blog posts from June included:

Click here to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including links to other developer related news and previous months’ review posts.

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