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Mobile Checkout end-of-life 1 September 2011?

June 7, 2011

I wrote about PayPal’s original Mobile Checkout technology in the article “PayPal in Your Pocket” last year.

Subsequent to that PayPal released details to its successor, Mobile Express Checkout (MEC), as part of the Innovate 2010 developer conference.  You can read much more about MEC and see it in action in my subsequent article “Streamlining Purchases with Mobile Express Checkout“.

Simplified MEC checkout flow

When MEC was released, I posted a question on the developer forums asking if that meant that the older PayPal Mobile Checkout (PMC) was now deprecated.  PayPal DTS responded that as of then (November 2010), developers were being encouraged to use MEC instead of Mobile Checkout.  DTS also noted that Mobile Checkout was still being supported for the time being, but it was clear that new development should be done using MEC.  Click here to read the forums discussion for the details.

I moved on with MEC and hadn’t thought any more about this for several months until I saw recently that PayPal X developer Jukka Saarelainen noted a recent email received from PayPal stating the older technology was scheduled for end-of-life later this year.  According to Jukka, the email reads:

“We wanted you to know that on 1 September 2011, the PayPal Mobile Checkout (PMC) product will be discontinued. From that date on, the PMC service will not function.”

Click here to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network.


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