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Capture checks to PayPal on Android

May 24, 2011

PayPal Mobile check capture on Android

PayPal’s mobile app for Android now supports check capture.  This brings it into parity with the iPhone app’s check capture support which I wrote about in late 2010.

From the PayPal blog announcement:

On average, about a million dollars per month have been uploaded since we launched mobile check capture on the iPhone. That’s a lot of people skipping the ATM, depositing a check with their phone and not paying any fees for the privilege. Reading through your comments from our iPhone Announcement, I see “Android, Android, Android, Android.” It’s true, new features often come out on the iPhone first, but that’s only because the iPhone has been around longer. Rest assured, new PayPal features for Android won’t be far behind!

As PayPal noted, the big upside of mobile check capture is that it can free you up from visits to a physical bank branch for check deposits.

Click to read the complete post on the PayPal X Developer Network including a discussion of the corresponding downside to mobile check capture.

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